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Mercato: Inter Buy Another Teenager

Last year Suning said they wanted to buy youngplayers with upside, but I don’t think any Inter fan thought that the club would sign so many teenagers.

In addition to signing Atalanta centre-back Alessandro Bastoni, Inter have also signed 18-year-olds Nicolo Zaniolo from Entella and Jens Odgaard from Danish side Lyngby.

But Inter are not satisfied accumulating some of the best young talent in Europe, as news from Boca Juniors President Daniel Angelici is that the South American side have “accepted an offer” from Inter for Facundo Colidio.

The 17-year-old striker is currently with the Xeneizes’ Under-20 side, and will be loaned back until at least January as he doesn’t turn 18 until January 4.

“We’ve accepted an offer from the Nerazzurri,” Angelici confirmed in an interview with Fox Sports.

“There is an agreement.

“Gary Medel? It’s a very difficult deal, above all for financial reasons.”

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