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Spalletti To Give Youth A Chance?

New boss Luciano Spalletti says Inter must try to emulate their Primavera side after the recent title success of the Nerazzurri’s youth team.

Inter have quietly been building up their academy program and this past season Stefano Vecchi’s players defeated Fiorentina 2-1 to win the national title for the first time since 2012. The triumph signs off another fantastic year for the club’s youth academy after the Berretti won their championship as well.

Inter have a lot of talented players at the club and out on loan, and Spalletti acknowledged the progress of the academy during his initial press conference:

“Primavera? I offer my deepest congratulations to Vecchi for bringing a very difficult and important title home. My compliments extend to the lads.

“It’s hoped that they’ll continue to do well, which is important, instead of making conclusions that are too simple and easy to reach.

“We have to go and look at them. It’s usually said that the Primavera look at the first team, but we must copy them instead.

“Before thinking about the games that can determine the beauty of this realm, you have to start by winning all your matches. All of them are key and determine your final outcome.

“All the training sessions are important, all of which are very important for us to be ready for our matches. If we’re ready, we’ll win more games. If not, the others will pass us by.

The likes of Federico Dimarco, Yao Eloge, Gaston Camera and Andrea Pinamonti could all be challenging for a place in Spalletti’s squad next season.

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