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Spalletti To Maintain 4-2-3-1 Formation Next Season

Luciano Spalletti has confirmed that Inter will play once again play in a 4-2-3-1 formation next season.

Inter have struggled to attain an identity in their play for some time, with a string of Coaches coming, going and imprinting their own styles, but Spalletti has wasted no time in making clear his philosophy for the Nerazzurri.

“League position? That could be a mistake, when you don’t pick up results, you tend to think that nothing is in place and nothing is good, but that’s not the case,” the Coach continued at his official unveilling.

“We must be careful, your position can be deceitful. In some ways, like I was told on the plane, thinking about a League position now is scandalous.

“Still, it puts you close to the possibility of playing for [European] cups and our points distance [last season] goes to show that something has to change from the roots up.

“Twenty-five/26 points are 10 games that can win you the title. It’s key that we change something.

“I’ll bring a bit of experience here, but for as long as the pitch measurements don’t change, 4-2-3-1 is a complete formation to bring good performances out of the team, allowing those attacking qualities that decide results to come out.

“In order to win, we have to score lots of goals. Balance is needed, but beyond the numbers, we’ll rely on the concept of attacking the defensive line of our opponents.

“We need to create quality. After that, [the players] will recognise what are the characteristics they need to succeed, to quickly embark on an important journey.

“[We need] to recognise the shirt we’re wearing, know how much this shirt weighs, give a strong impression right away of what the team must do on the pitch. It’s always the pitch that does the talking.”

Now that we know how Spalletti intends to play next season, with four at the back, two holding midfield players and Icardi up-front, it should make the transfer market easier for Ausilio. The three behind Icardi are critical. We need two good wide players players who can get crosses into the box and a creative number ten.

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