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Wanted: A Winning Mentality

It is easier said than done, but no team can be glorious and garner trophies without one ingredient: a winning mentality.

It’s what motivated Inter between 2006 and 2011, what spurred Juventus first with Conte then with Allegri. It’s what distinguishes clubs like Barcelona or Real Madrid.

A winning mentality must first and foremost be imposed by the coach. Stefano Pioli will never deliver that. Conte or Simeone may be the right people to do so right now, but it seems they will not be joining Inter soon due to their respective situations with their clubs, being under important contracts and all that.

With Conte or Simeone out, media are already talking about other potential candidates, such as Roma’s Luciano Spalletti and Monaco’s Jardim. Alright, good coaches which might take Inter another step forward, but more known for delivering nice football rather than delivering a winning attitude to their players.

But in this context, I would rather be this year’s Juventus with a potential Treble to win, rather than this year’s Napoli which despite the breathless football they are playing, will be ending the season with no trophies to show.

A ‘Winner’ as a coach is not enough on its own. You also need players with a winning mentality as well, which deliver their hunger for trophies and determination to their colleagues. Players who under pressure, like the last 10 minutes against Milan, do not throw away the ball but restore confidence and lead the team to victory.

Suning’s money will not automatically resolve these issues. The whopping €70 million spent on Joao Mario and Gabigol this summer is pure evidence to this. This is where Inter’s transfer market chief Piero Ausilio also comes into the fray.

For Inter to move forward, it must take into consideration all of this. Let’s hope it does, in order to avoid writing a similar article come next season.

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