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Ausilio: Inter Believes Strongly In Youth – Really?

To mark the death of Pierluigi Casiraghi, a former Inter scout who passed away sadly last season, Inter sporting director Piero Ausilio spoke to Inter TV about the club’s approach to young players and the impact of a strong youth set-up on the first-team.

“The growth of a boy goes through the comparison, how to train during the week with his teammates. It is always said that training with the good ones helps to improve, because the quality is higher and you can steal secrets, even to players who come from another culture. This is a way to enrich your skill-set both technically and mentally.

“At Inter the relationship between young and society has been based on experience, the club believes in the youth sector. It is a work that starts from the first management Moratti and has developed through investments, the choice of players, the enhancement of structures, the search for the best coaches and the best management for the youth sector, which has always characterized Inter’s work from Moratti to Thohir and today with Suning.

“It is believed and it is right, given the results of the youth sector both on the field and in the discovery of footballers, many of them who have had the good fortune to grow here, today they can be protagonists both in Italy and abroad.”

Interesting that in Ausilio’s comments he does not mention the progression of players from Inter’s title winning academy into the first team. That is one area where Inter have struggled during Ausilio’s time at the club. Far too often, graduates of Inter’s Primavera team are sold for a profit, rather than given an opportunity to make an impact in the first team.

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