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Ausilio: ‘Mazzarri is wrecked!’

Inter director Piero Ausilio praised the “heart” of his team to draw 2-2 with Napoli, but Walter Mazzarri was “wrecked!”

The post-match interview with Sky Sport Italia was down to Ausilio, as Mazzarri remained in the locker room.

“It’s nothing worrying, he’s just wrecked! It was a special game for him, he was sent off and he is simply out of energy,” noted Ausilio.

“He apologises for not coming here, but from Monday onwards he will be able to have his say on the game.

“It was a wonderful 2-2 in many respects. The first half was played with heart, but Inter were also the only team on the field and we deserved more than a goal.

“After the break it was more balanced with chances for both sides and a dramatic almost Premier League style finish.”

There had been reports Inter would fire Mazzarri if he lost a third consecutive Serie A match.

“In Italy we are accustomed to this type of situation, but we have a club and a President that are solid and the team showed with this performance whose side they are on. We are united and can continue from here.”

Nemanja Vidic has struggled since moving to Serie A and his error gifted Jose Callejon with the opening goal.

“It was an error, but there were several teammates who could’ve fixed it. We cannot question the quality of a champion like this,” argued Ausilio.

“Obi did very well in a different position and went off with cramp, replaced by another young player Mbaye who almost gave us victory at the end. Unfortunately, the break for international duty left us with an emergency situation.

“Kovacic and Medel played thanks to last-minute fitness tests and in the circumstances we really could not have done more.”

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