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Ausilio On Mercato: “We Like Pastore”

Inter sporting director Piero Ausilio has confirmed the team’s interest in signing PSG’s Javier Pastore, while also ruling out a move for Daniel Sturridge or a Marcelo Brozovic exit.

Last night, Argentina international Pastore said he was ready to leave Paris Saint-Germain in order to get more playing time and named Inter as a preferred option.

“You seem to know more than we do! Of course we are pleased and proud that a player like Pastore sees Inter as an opportunity. I can confirm there has always been a certain ‘feeling’ between Inter and Pastore,” Ausilio told Mediaset Premium.

“Having said all of that, there’s a big difference between liking each other and coming together. We have to make numerous evaluations on different levels.

“People forget that Inter already have a strong squad and have brought in Lisandro Lopez and Rafinha this month. We’ll evaluate with the Coach and see if there is the need or possibility of adding another element.

“The moment we choose a player, regardless of his name, we do it thinking he is the right one for the technical project. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be here wasting time on transfers.

“Coming to Inter doesn’t mean being guaranteed a starting spot, because there is a strong squad and places must be earned day by day in training, but there are guarantees of a strong project and ambition.”

Ausilio was also asked about Liverpool forward Daniel Sturridge.

“I don’t feel that I should cancel anyone from the list of possibilities, but in terms of the attack we have the players we are content with and can go forward like this.

“Will Brozovic leave? No.”

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