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Ausilio Warns Chelsea And Real Madrid To Forget About Icardi

Inter sporting director Piero Ausilio spoke to Premium Sport just minutes before the start of Cagliari vs. Inter on Saturday evening and said that he hoped that captain Mauro Icardi will stay with the Nerazzurri for life.

“With Icardi’s contract, it’s not an issue of release clauses, it’s about what he wants to be, and he wants to be important for Inter. He wants to stay here for a long time and win. We’ve never moved from that position either.

“It might seem like Icardi is a revelation as a man and a captain, but it’s no surprise for us. We built a project around him some time ago and he gives back a great deal. The statistics show we made a wise investment.

“The rules state the maximum length for a contract is five years, so we can’t give him a lifetime contract now. Maybe he could just have many renewals.

“We have to build the future, as two years ago we started strong and then finished fourth, which nowadays would be worth Champions League qualification. These are experiences we look to and hope made us a better side.

“A team builds confidence week by week. We realised Luciano Spalletti has an important project here and everyone believes in it. Now the team goes out on to the field and knows what it’s meant to be doing.

“Inter are strong, but we want to be strong in terms of more than just big names and prestige, but also for the work we’ve done.”

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