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Bergomi: It’s All Mancini’s Fault

As Inter’s promising season disintegrates in front of our eyes, the blame game is in full force. Inter legend Beppe Bergomi does not blame Stefano Pioli, Frank de Boer or even Piero Ausilio for Inter’s disastrous season. Instead he lays the blame on Roberto Mancini, saying that Mancini “didn’t do a proper pre-season”.

The Nerazzurri have seen a revolving door of coaches this season as Pioli replaced Frank de Boer in November, with the Dutchman in turn having replaced Mancini just before the season started.

“I’d certainly continue to bet on Stefano Pioli,” Bergomi, who played 756 times for the Beneamata, told Corriere della Sera.

“It’s not his fault if the team has had a physical decline after a summer in which Mancini didn’t do a proper pre-season.”

Both Inter and Milan are now Chinese-owned, and Bergomi assessed the relative positions of both clubs.

“Both are under construction, we have to wait. It’s true that the [Inter] President [Jindong Zhang] isn’t in Milan often, but there are good executives from [Piero] Ausilio to his son Steven [Zhang].

“Let’s look at what Inter are missing compared to Milan and vice-versa. The Nerazzurri have a lot of talent but less character.

“Their cousins are the opposite, they also have the advantage of having a lot of Italians in their squad who can convey to their teammates what it means to wear the shirt.”

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