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Champions League Qualification Means Increased Sponsorship From Pirelli

We have the first tangible sign of what qualifying for the Champions League next season means financially to Inter as Marco Tronchetti Provera, the chief executive of Pirelli has revealed that Inter’s Champions League qualification will mean the tire manufacturer’s sponsorship will be upgraded.

“Sponsorship has more value in a European context. For someone who is a passionate Interista it brings me great satisfaction and it is so good to see all those who have committed themselves achieve this goal. The contract is linked to the results so there will be a further upgrade.”

Pirelli reportedly pay Inter €10 million a year but the “upgrade” that Provera mentioned is that Inter will now receive €14 million a year from the tire manufacturer. Enough to give Icardi a nice pay raise!

The Pirelli brand has been a feature of Inter shirts since 1995 when Massimo Moratti assumed presidency of the club.

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