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Claudio Ranieri On Spalletti And The Title Race

Nantes managerClaudio Ranieri is another coach who is taking the opportunity during the international break to share his perspective on the current goings on in Serie A and here are some of his thoughts.

“It’s regaining prestige. It’s not at the level where we had two clubs in the 2003 Champions League final in Manchester, but the climb has begun. We have to thank Juventus for two Champions League finals in three years.”

Ranieri then spoke individually on the clubs occupying the top five places in the league in chronological order.

“Napoli are doing great things, they went head-to-head with Manchester City who are one of the world’s richest clubs and can spend big money Napoli’s style of football really catches your eye, Maurizio Sarri is great.

“Juventus are their usualselves, they can start slowly but then you find them up there at the top, or one step off the top. Their team and their culture is more accustomed to winning and that gives them a further advantage.”

Ranieri had the following to add about Inter, Lazio and Roma:

“As for Inter, Luciano Spalletti has immediately taken them in hand, you can see his hand at work.

“Lazio? I really like them. Simone Inzaghi is doing an extraordinary job, and it’s even more striking because he was thrown in at short notice because Marcelo Bielsa’s arrival collapsed at the last minute. Inzaghi also handles the media well and knows how to deal with the Europa League. It’s a tournament which must be respected, for the prestige and the UEFA ranking.

“As for Roma, some where skeptical about Di Francesco because he’d never had this big a job before. Eusebio did great things at Sassuolo though, he was able to get the players on board. They follow him and respect him.”

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