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Conte: ‘Inter mentality improving’

Inter boss Antonio Conte

Antonio Conte said he saw “significant improvements in the mentality” of Inter after a friendly win against Paris Saint-Germain. “We must never settle.”

The Nerazzurri snatched a last-gasp equaliser through Samuele Longo after a Timo Kehrer header, then beat PSG on penalties in Macau.

“I am certainly very happy and I believe that looking at the match overall, we absolutely did not deserve a defeat,” Conte told Inter TV.

“Aside from the result, I have to evaluate the performance and to be honest I continue to see significant improvements in the mentality of these lads, their desire to play football, attack the opponent in their own half and win the ball back quickly once we’ve lost it.

“This is a very, very positive aspect as far as I am concerned. The lads are working hard and that gives me enthusiasm to continue along this path.

“I was also pleased that they pushed to the end, because we did end up scoring and then winning on penalties. We must never settle for defeat, not even in friendlies or on penalties.

“The attitude we must have is that we fight for the win to the bitter end.”

As I wrote on Twitter this is probably the most optimistic I have felt about Inter in years heading back from a tour.

There was significant improvement from first match to third match showing team is buying into Conte’s tactics.

Defensively, I thought Inter looked solid and Godin could be the signing of the summer. We are still light one top midfielder and there is an obvious weakness up-front, where we need at least two signings before the season begins.

What have your impressions been of preseason so far? Optimistic about next season ?

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