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Was De Boer Fired Because He ‘Didn’t Want Gabigol’?

gabigolRonald de Boer says that his brother Frank “had no say” in signing Gabriel ‘Gabigol’ Barbosa and accepting the job was “an error of judgment.”

This morning the Coach was sacked just 84 days into his tenure, having lost half of his total 14 competitive matches in charge.

“Of course I am disappointed and so is he,” Ronald told Sports Bureau.

“Frank was combative and convinced he could turn things around if he had stayed. Unfortunately, it went differently. He hoped to have success in Italy, but over the last seven days something changed.

“You must also look at yourself. Frank was unable to change the situation on the pitch, but it is also possible to point to several factors that made a big difference.

“The squad was not suited to playing his style of football and was also decidedly too big. There were seven or eight players who should’ve left or he didn’t want, but they didn’t sell any more than two.

“I include among these Gabriel Barbosa. Frank had no say in that transfer, so Gabriel just arrived out of the blue.”

Inter spent €29.5m to get Gabigol from Santos, but De Boer only played him for a handful of minutes in one substitute appearance.

It’s reported the decision to not bring the Brazilian along for the Sampdoria game was the final straw for club owners.

“Frank thought he could just concentrate on the football, but in the end found himself having to deal with other indirect issues.

“We thought that Inter, being a big club, could be suited to him, but it was an error of judgment. It was an unfortunate experience, but an educational one.

“They say at times you learn more from defeats than victories. If he does go to another club, everyone needs to be more flexible.”

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