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De Boer: ‘Nobody in charge at Inter’

Frank-de-Boer-perplexedFrank de Boer said “the biggest problem at Inter is there isn’t really anyone in charge. They wanted us at the top in two weeks.”

The former Nerazzurri Coach was fired after just 84 days in charge and replaced by Stefano Pioli, but their issues persist.

“There are the Chinese owners, then the directors who are Italian,” De Boer told Ziggo Sports.

“In theory they have all the control, but in reality there isn’t anyone who is truly in charge. I think this is the biggest problem at Inter.

“They seem to really like this situation, but first there ought to be a good look at internal organisation.

“At Inter I was trying to start a new playing system, an attacking 4-3-3.

“At times it went well, such as against Juventus. It’s just there were too many ups and downs, so we needed time.

“For example, Napoli waited eight years before seeing their investments bear fruit.

“Instead, at Inter they wanted to be at he top in two weeks and it just doesn’t work like that.”

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