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De Boer Post Message To Inter Fans

fdbFrank De Boer took to Instagram to comment on his dismissal from Inter. Under a photo of the Inter fan’s tifo from the 2010 Champions League, the Dutchman wrote a caption expressing sadness as well as gratitude to Inter’s fans.

“It’s a shame it ended like this. In order to take this project further, time was needed. I want to thank all the fans for their support they gave these couple of months. “Forza Inter””

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  • Ronald November 1, 2016, 9:07 am

    Thanks coach, we were actually counting on you to bring Inter back to what it belongs. But too bad you were late to learn Italian soccer. You didn’t change anything to the back line, especially the twin tower center back, that always conceded goals at the first half of every game.

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