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De Boer Thought Inter Squad Was Too Big

inter-kit-europaleagueFrank de Boer’s agent has been speaking to FCINter1908.it and he offered some interesting insights into the size of the Inter squad and whether De Boer was too hard on the players:

“You need to work hard every day in training, but not everyone in the squad is doing that. He had to do something and change something. Being a football player at a professional level, you start work at 9.45. Come on, it’s incredible.

“It’s obvious he had a strong impact, because if you are a professional player, you have to stay concentrated on your club. That is the first thing.

“The squad really did want to change its way of working, but some players didn’t, some did not have this intention. Naturally that makes it all the more difficult.

“If there is a negative atmosphere in the group with long faces… it’s hard to get work done. Frank wanted to work with a certain number of players and then have youngsters fill the gaps, because if you are young then you are more predisposed to accept being on the bench.

“If you are in an international club with 29 players who feel they’ve made it, they don’t accept the idea of not playing. Frank wanted the squad whittled down, but he never got the chance, because they all stayed.

“The Inter environment is fantastic, the people who work at Inter are fantastic, the staff of the club and at Appiano Gentile are fantastic. But there has to be belief in a project.

“Frank wants to thank the fans, who were fabulous with all their letters and banners.”

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