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Erick Thohir Dreaming Of Champions League Semi-Finals

Inter President Erick Thohir says ‘now we want the Champions League semi-finals’ after singling out the club’s ‘220m fans in China’.

Inter ended a seven-year absence from the Champions League on Sunday as they pulled off a dramatic 3-2 victory over Lazio, and Thohir wasted no time in setting the bar high.

“The objective was to return to the Champions League within five years and we’ve succeeded in doing so,” he told republika.co.id.

“Now we want the semi-finals and to reach it, we’ll stick with Luciano Spalletti. We’ll try to satisfy his needs and keep the players that are necessary for him.

“We’ll strengthen by adding players and, of course, investing in the club. Inter’s success is to have players, coaches and executives who share the same vision and collaborate together.

“Thanks to Inter’s 220m fans in China, we’re working with Suning. Inter’s revenues are constantly growing and we’ve hit €220m.

“After entering the Champions League, that figure will certainly exceed €300m.

Can we calm the exuberance down a little. It’s a big leap from grabbing a Champions League spot on the final day of the season to becoming one of the best four teams in Europe less than 12 months later.

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