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Ex-Inter Milan Chief Carboni Says Mourinho Still Casting Large Shadow At Inter

Really interesting quotes from former Inter Milan football chief Amedeo Carboni last week who feels that the shadow of Jose Mourinho is inescapable for any incoming Inter coach. Carboni made the comments before Gian Piero Gasperini was replaced by Claudio Ranieri.

“They are two different stories. We came with confidence and a lot of motivation. It seems to me that anyone from outside arrives at Inter now not as the first choice” said Carboni. “I do not think it’s difficult to train in Appiano, but there is little room for wanting to win in a different way than before. Maybe even for the many players who have been there for years. Benitez? He waited for reinforcements that were necessary to give energy, then he left and (Giampaolo) Pazzini signed in January and with that alone we will have made 20 points. The players were against Rafa? No, not at all.”

What do you think of Carboni’s comments?

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  • Ahsan September 26, 2011, 1:41 am

    “but there is little room for wanting to win in a different way than before. Maybe even for the many players who have been there for years”. > Yes, he’s telling the truth. Without the challenged from new players, so cold first team players won’t be challenged to compete for their positions in the first team. Rebuilding the team step by step replacing the old ones should make the squad more competitive.

    “Benitez? He waited for reinforcements that were necessary to give energy, then he left and (Giampaolo) Pazzini signed in January and with that alone we will have made 20 points”> Again Carboni made it clear that it was not Benitez full responsible for the struggling Inter to protect their scudetto. No new players in, many first team players struggled with injuries, really gave Benitez a hard times. Sadly some Inter fans and media blamed him instead. It was unfair because those judgement came from the wrong side of the story (Mostly influenced by English media and journalist). At least there are three points that I reckon that many people miss or refusing to reckon :
    >One, the players just got back from World Cup competitions that surely enough draining their fitness after playing for 2 Italian domestic competitions plus Champions League. (And win those three). For that, Inter players are most likely vulnerable to injuries. But media and some Inter fans yet still blaming Benitez for those injuries. Claimed that his methods are responsible for that.
    >Two, no new players to strengthen up the squad and backing up the injured first team players. Biabiany and Coutinho cannot replaced the injured ones for every 90 minutes games caused they’re still young and lacking experience. Also their fitness is not fully developed. The opinion that previous squad who won everything last season are sufficient enough to handle the upcoming competitions was absurd if you look at point one!
    >Three, it’s the most significant that brings instability in the squad. The previous triple winner players are still used to Mourinho style of training and practice. Which is totally different than Benitez did. And the unsatisfied players won Moratti’s heart rather than telling them to backing up their manager!

  • Rob September 26, 2011, 4:30 am

    As always you make good points Ahsan.I’ve preached to anyone who’d listen about your first point,your second point is obviously true but there was never going to be huge investment last season for one glaring reason,our balance sheet.World football is business off the field as much as on and I can understand Massimo being cautious for obvious reasons.What I can’t understand is giving Benitez the job.Although a shrewd tactician,Benitez has publicly criticized every regime he has been employed by.Despite his merits,a marriage to an Inter still smitten by mou was never going to happen.Benitez knew the financial constraints also but was overcome by the thoughts of playing attacking football to spite mou… truly a childish endeavor.This has led to the club being totally destabilized and made our champions look ordinary.Lets hope Claudio gets to eat his panettone as we need some direction.And lets give Ranieri his due,he very nearly robbed mou’s inter of a scudetto with an inferior Roma side.

    • Ahsan September 27, 2011, 1:05 am

      Thank you for your reply Rob, but obviously we had differences at the beginning of your review upon my point two and three. I too understand about the importance of our club balance sheet, but that’s not an excuse for not having new players does it? Look at our arch rival Milan who had successfully seek away their trouble sheet by making loan some good quality players. And I don’t see that kind of move done by our club while Benitez still on the job. Why?
      As for the criticism towards him, I believe many of those critics have been more or less influenced by English media and football observer whose constantly reviewed his works and personality negatively. His last season at Liverpool corroborate those negative criticism. But the fact that his employer has failed to fully support him due to the balance sheet was never take part as a factor! How ironic for the man who achieved many great things before must have to deal with the same problem THRICE! Non other than balance sheet and lack of club’s maximum support!
      And for my last thought, I don’t see anything wrong with Inter playing more aggressive rather than pragmatic because the squad has the ability to to that. We saw the stats of ball possession and shot on goal are increased significantly compared to Mourinho era. Even the ultras from curva nord are astonished by that display. Sadly although the most hardcore fans of Inter were behind Benitez it was never enough to give him more time to prove his work.
      Well Rob, for Ranieri part I have to agree with you. With his past experience although never win a league yet, I truly hope that he can reshape the mentality that was lost for sometimes. Which is hungry for winning!
      Nice talking with you Rob,


      • Rob September 27, 2011, 5:19 am

        Ha ha,I guess I do dislike Benitez a bit stretching back to his Valencia days where he achieved alot but played a very defensive brand of football which wasn’t liked but i suppose they haven’t achieved much since he left! He could well have been a great inter manager at a different time but I just feel his antipathy towards mou would have lead to arguments at some stage with the hierarchy.Anyway cheers Ahsan,always a pleasure talking to someone who knows their football and loves their club!Hoping for a big performance from couthino later,shame about andrea,he looks like he’ll be a future captain(hope he doesn’t do a fresi!).Forza nerazzurri!

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