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Derby di Milano: Fassone Likens Inter To A Beautiful But Disorganized Woman

The Milan derby trash talking has began, and the first salvo came from an unlikely source as current Milan director Marco Fassone has likened Inter to a beautiful yet disorganized woman.

Ahead of the derby this weekend, Fassone was discussing Inter when he made a curious comparison but believes they are in a much healthier position with Luciano Spalletti now in charge.

“Inter is a club which has always needed a strong man and personality on the bench, like a [Jose] Mourinho or [Roberto] Mancini,” Fassone told Guerin Sportivo.

“They have a naive soul, like a pretty but disorganised woman, as [Massimo] Moratti would say. Now, they have a strong man like Spalletti in charge and he’s doing very well.”

Fassone also worked at Juventus and Napoli before eventually arriving at the Diavolo and he is relishing the challenge of being the man who will live and die by his decisions.

“At other clubs I was at, I always had a protection net because for better or worse there were others who had the last word in the decision-making process, although I did have a say,” he added.

“Now, the task of those decisions is down to me. I’m facing a kind of do-or-die, win or lose situation. I’m convinced that we will do well because I have a good team around me, guys of proven experience and skill.”

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