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Frank De Boer Makes Valid Excuses For His Brother

fdb-newRonald de Boer blames “political aspects” for his brother being sacked at Inter. Frank de Boer has complained he should have been given more time, and notably didn’t think the club or players in his statement.

“The Inter squad contains 29 players with the average age of 27,” Frank’s twin brother Ronald told Voetbal International.

“These are footballers that have made their mark in top football and you have to keep them happy.

“Most of them are internationals for their country and earn top salaries. The size of the squad has had a major impact for my brother.

“The club wanted him as Coach to create a new style of playing and start a successful project. Frank immediately had two problems: the players were not fit enough, while Serie A was close to starting when he began.

“Another thing was that managing such a big squad took a lot of time, while he should have been focussed on football topics.

“And then there were the political aspects. The enormous pressure from the media and the problems between captain Mauro Icardi and the fans.

“As a Coach you want to focus on football, but at clubs like Inter this is not always possible.”

The size and age of the squad is shot at Inter sporting director Piero Ausilio, while the ongoing leaking to the press that de Boer’s job was under threat did more to destabilize the club than anything.

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