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Funny Story: Madrid Accuse Inter Of Tapping Someone Up

Oh the irony of this story. According to La Cadena SER, little Real Madrid are reportedly considering reporting Inter to the footballing authorities for tapping up Luka Modrić while he was still under contract at the Santiao Bernabéu.

The phenomenon of ‘tapping up’ players is rife within football but still technically not allowed. Liverpool famously issued an apology to Southampton last summer after entering talks with Virgil Van Dijk while he was still a Southampton player. They went on to sign the Dutch defender in January 2018 for a world record fee.

La Cadena SER’s report states that Madrid are very angry with Inter’s behavior and will take action despite the generally positive relationship that exists between the two clubs.

The irony is that Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has made a career of tapping up players. From Cristiano Ronaldo to Luka Modric to Gareth Bale to David de Gea to Thibaut Courtois, Madrid and Perez have a long history of having players agitate for transfers. Or they use the Madrid newspapers like MARCA and AS to put pressure on teams to sell their stars to Madrid.

Look at Perez’s two-year pursuit of Neymar from PSG. Do you think Qatar Sports Investments has given Perez permission to talk up his star at every opportunity?

Of course not. And that is why this is a story that Perez has planted in the Spanish press to detract from Madrid’s UEFA Super Cup defeat to Atletico Madrid earlier this week.

Madrid will never report another club for tapping up a player because its in their DNA to do the same for players they want to sign.

But like schoolyard bullies, Madrid does not like it when someone gives them a touch of their own medicine, as Inter are.

Florentino Perez and Real Madrid love being the protagonists. They hate being the hunted, and that is what they are when it comes to Luka Modric,

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