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Gasperini Talks Super Cup, Sneijder And Mourinho

Some interesting comments from Gian Piero Gasperini at the press conference ahead of Saturday’s Italian Super Cup match against AC Milan. Here are some of what he said:

“This is the first important game, in which there’s a trophy at stake. And we’re ready. We came to Beijing and we are honoured, as a matter of prestige and for the growth of football in China. It’s a real honour.”

When asked about Sneijder, who, when joking with Eto’o in the voyage over, apparently stated that he didn’t have the desire to take the field, the Inter coach amusedly responded:

“That Sneijder doesn’t want to play in this match is truly news to me. I think there’s some disinformation regarding this – on the contrary, quite a lot. I realised that, surrounding Inter, people exaggerate in order to create situations that aren’t really there. However, I’ve found a very tranquil environment. For me Inter represents a starting point, but there are still many steps to take, and we have many objectives to achieve together. It’s normal for there to be rumours during the transfer season, especially when a team has important players, as we have. But the reality is that until now there has been no movement and we are here to play our matches, independent from everything else.”

Gasperini also spoke about Mourinho and responded to those who asked if his work can already be judged beginning with the match against AC Milan. He explained:

“Actually, Mourinho and I never saw each other. We only ever came across each other on the pitch, but I always thought he was an excellent coach, with great technical and tactical attributes and not just media skills. Can I be judged starting now? I don’t believe it’s that way, although you’re always judged, even in smaller teams. And also, I arrived at Inter through a process, not from nothing. What awaits us is a match with a challenge for an objective, and there’s still time to build the season. We really want to play for this Super Cup.”


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