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He Might Be Inter’s Best Signing Of The Summer

While fans attention is drawn to the futures of Romelu Lukaku and Mario Incardi, Inter are reportedly close to making a signing that could have a bigger impact on revenue than any superstar signing.

That is because Inter are lining up for a move for Real Madrid marketing director Jamie Colas. Colas is credited with super-sizing the Real Madrid revenue as director of global sponsorship.

It’s believed Colas will now take on a wide-ranging role at Inter, in charge of all marketing, sponsorship, ticketing, merchandising and licensing of the brand.

President Steven Zhang had said in the Corriere della Sera interview this week that he wanted to vastly increase the revenue at Inter and work on all areas of the club.

“Closing the gap in revenue to Europe’s biggest clubs will be a long process, but it was an even bigger gap three years ago. Surpassing €1 billion is possible if you work on the stadium, sponsorship deals and TV rights both in Italy and Europe.”

This certainly seems to be a step in that direction.

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