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How To Make A Profit On Nainggolan

Mercato Inter Milan

Radja Nainggolan has accepted Inter’s decision to sell him this summer and is reportedly eyeing a return to Cagliari or possibly a move to another Champions League club.

The challenge for anyone buying Nainggolan, is that Inter paid €40m for the midfielder a year ago, and he signed a four-yer contract when he arrived that Inter.

Under Financial Fair Play rules, Inter get to amortize 25% of Nainggolan’s contract each year, which means his “book value” has been reduced now from €40m to €30m.

Even in today’s inflated market, Nainggolan is still not worth €30m. But, if Inter can send him out on loan for one or two season’s with a mandatory purchase price at the end of the loan deal, the numbers might work in their favor.

For example, Nainggolan could conceivably got on loan to Cagliari for two years with a €12m purchase price and Inter could book a €2m profit on the deal!

Inter had been hoping that the midfielder would consider a move to China after receiving several offers, but Nainggolan is reportedly not interested and with the Super League transfer window closing on Wednesday that does not look like an option.

That leaves Cagliari as his only landing spot at the moment. The Rossoblu are preparing to celebrate their centenary this year and Nainggolan could be the high-profile signing Tommaso Giulini pursues to mark the occasion.

If that happens, expect Inter to pay most of Nainggolan’s salary next year.

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