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Icardi: “It’s Always Nice To Score Against Juventus”

goal-icardiInter captain Mauro Icardi spoke of his delight to Premium Sport after helping his side toJuventus 2-1 in the Derby d’Italia
on Sunday night.

So, this Inter knows how to play after all?

“If we would have played the previous games like this, we would have done better and will do better. Our opponents is Juventus, I love these games.”

The talk about De Boer? At the end of the day you guys are on the pitch.

“Football can be tough on the coaches, they tell us what to do and we go out on the pitch to transform the words into actions. You always put the blame on the coach because you can’t put it on an entire squad. De Boer always told us to attack and that is what we did today.”

You always score against Juventus, how come?

“It’s one of my favourite teams to score against. We can say I’m lucky, it’s always nice to score against them. I do not know how to explain it, maybe sometimes in football you underestimate your opponents. With Juve, they are always great matches, great atmosphere as well.

And now? What objectives do you have?

“We want to continue to play well, you can’t judge a team based on the performance of one match. On Wednesday we will think about that.”

Because you assisted Perisic on the second goal you are no longer the sole gole scorer in Inter?

“If the goals make us win I don’ care how they are scored.”

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