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Icardi Lawyer: This Is About Respect Not Money

Mauro Icardi’s lawyer insisted the legal action and €1.5m compensation claim is “not about money, because he wants to be an integral part of the Inter project.”

It has been confirmed that Icardi is suing Inter for ‘discriminatory behaviour’ and bullying in the workplace, as he has been excluded from training sessions with the team and Coach Antonio Conte.

The details are now known because the full document leaked online, including the request for €1.5m in damages (20 per cent of his gross salary).

“I want to clarify that the request for damages is a necessary consequence of the legal action and not a personal initiative by the player,” lawyer Giuseppe Di Carlo told Sport Mediaset.

“It would’ve been an incomplete document without requesting at least 20 per cent of the salary as compensation. Once you take that action, the issue of compensation becomes obligatory.

“It’s a situation where money is irrelevant, because what Icardi wants is to be an integral part of the Inter project. How is it possible in two months of pre-season training he hasn’t taken part in a single friendly?

“Now we must wait up to five days for the tribunal to accept the case and I think they’ll wait until the transfer window has closed on Monday evening.

“Obviously, if Icardi were to complete a transfer, the legal action would be dropped.”

I followed this right until the end when Icardi’s attorney says that if he was to be sold, then the legal action would be dropped. If that is the case then it is about the money and not that he he wants to be an integral part of the Inter project.

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