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Inter At No. 18 In Forbes Most Valuable List

The latest Forbes ranking of the most valuable football clubs in the world is out and Inter are ranked No. 18 with a valuation of $606m (€515m). That is up from the $559m valuation that Forbes placed on the club 2 years ago (8.4% increase).

Driving the increased value has been Inter’s commercial activities. This has obviously been a focus of Suning, and it is working as Inter’s commercial revenue has nearly tripled, to $141.7 million over the last two seasons.

The $559m value makes Inter the 4th most valuable Serie A club behind Juventus ($1.472B), Roma ($618) and Milan ($612m), Napoli just squeeze into the top 20 with a valuation of $471m.

The most valuable clubs are Manchester United (4.123B), Real Madrid ($4.088B), and Barcelona ($4.064B). These three clubs are playing in a different financial game than anyone else in world football.

Serie A Cubs Total Revenue (2017/18 Season)

1. Juventus: $442m (€406m)
2. Roma: $191m (€175m)
3. AC Milan: $213m (€196m)
4. Inter: $285m (€262m)
5. Napoli: $219m (€201m)

Matchday Revenues

1. Juventus: $174m
2. Roma: $77m
3. Milan: $57m
4. Inter: $55m
5. Napoli: $38m

Despite drawing 353,000 fans more than Juventus last season, Inter still managed to bring in $119m less in matchday revenue. Even when you take into account the fact that Juventus played more cup games last season (Champions League and Coppa Italia) that is still a huge gap.

Commercial Revenue

1. Juventus: $288m
2. Milan: $165m
3. Inter: $144m
4. Napoli: $56m
5. Roma: $84m

As mentioned, increasing commercial revenue (sponsorships) has been one of the biggest focuses of Suning since they bought the club and they have been successful with as Inter’s commercial revenue has nearly tripled, to $141.7 million over the last two seasons.

That puts Inter just behind cross-city rivals AC Milan, and with Inter playing Champions League football next season, Inter have a chance to jump ahead of Milan and into second place.

Juventus’s success on the pitch over the last decade has allowed them to generate twice as much commercial revenue as Inter does.

TV Revenue

1. Juventus: $705mm
3. Roma: $337m
3. Milan: $255m
4. Inter: $199mm
5. Napoli: $287m

Juventus’s huge advantage here is due to their continued success in the Champions League. when they reached the final. Getting back into the Champions League will increase Inter’s broadcast revenue, as will getting out of the group stages next season.

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