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Inter Brand Value Doubles

According to a recent report from Brand FInance, Inter have the second most powerful brand in Italian football with a brand value of $389m compared to $495m for Juventus. Inter are also the 13th most valuable brand in Europe, up from 28th in 2017.

Suning must have been thrilled to read the report which said that Inter’s brand value has risen 100% over the last 12 months. From $195m to $389m.

Only Red Bull Leipzig saw their brand value increase by a higher percentage. And that is without Inter playing European football last year.

The report went on to say that Manchester United has the most powerful brand in world football with a brand value of $1.85B.

Places two and three in the world’s top 10 are taken up by La Liga dominators Real Madrid ($1.573B) and Barcelona ($1.511B) respectively, while German giants Bayern Munich are fourth with a brand worth of $1.406B
The rest of the top-10 places are taken up by English clubs with the exception of PSG who take ninth place with a value of $913m.

Arsenal ($1.083B) and Tottenham ($764m) are non-movers as they sit eighth and 10th respectively — the same positions they held in the 2017 list.

But Liverpool ($1.204B) have risen from ninth to sixth, while Manchester City ($1.331B) are also on the up after jumping one place to fifth.

Chelsea ($1.193B) have moved in the other direction though, falling from fourth in the world to seventh in a year that has seen them lose their title as Premier League champions and possibly their status as a Champions League club as well.

Top Serie A Brands

  • Juventus – $495m
  • Inter – $389m
  • AC Milan – $258m
  • Roma – $216m
  • Napoli – $150m
  • Lazio – $127m
  • Atalanta – $111m
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