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Inter Fall To 19th Place In Most Valuable Clubs List

Inter has fallen to 19th place on the list of the most valuable football clubs in Europe, according to a report by auditors KPMG. That is in line with what Deloitte published in January.

KPMG values Inter at €407m, making the Nerazzurri the fourth most valuable club in Italy behind No. 9 Juventus (€1.158bn), No. 15, 15. AC Milan (€504m) and No. 18. Roma (€433m). Inter are just ahead of No. 20 Napoli (€388).

Despite a disappointing season on the pitch, off the pitch it was a successful one off the pitch as once again Inter lead the Serie A with highest average attendance with 46,622. This is a 2.4% increase since last season.

Add in the new commercial deals that Suning have announced, and I expect Inter to have reversed its three seasons of flat revenue growth this year.

But that might not be enough to keep Inter in the KPMG Top 20 list next season as the Premier League’s massive £8.3bn TV deal is threatening to overwhelm teams in other leagues.

Six of the top ten richest sides in Europe are now English, with Manchester United being the first club to be valued at over €3B.

The Europa League winners are valued at €3.004 billion, ahead of both Real (€2.895bn) and Barcelona (€2.688bn). KPMG had estimated Madrid and United as being worth €2.9bn at the end of the 2015-16 season.

Bayern Munich (€2.367bn) are fourth on the list, with Manchester City (€1.909bn) the next highest-placed English team in fifth. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Juventus and Tottenham Hotspur complete the top 10.

The world’s 20 most valuable football clubs:
1. Manchester United (€3.004bn)
2. Real Madrid (€2.895bn)
3. Barcelona (€2.688bn)
4. Bayern Munich (€2.367bn)
5. Manchester City (€1.909bn)
6. Arsenal (€1.882bn)
7. Chelsea (€1.524bn)
8. Liverpool (€1.260bn)
9. Juventus (€1.158bn)
10. Tottenham Hotspur (€978m)
11. Paris Saint-Germain (€948m)
12. Borussia Dortmund (€917m)
13. Atletico Madrid (€771m)
14. Schalke (€663m)
15. AC Milan (€504m)
16. Leicester (€442m)
17. Everton (€431m)
18. Roma (€433m)
19. Inter Milan (€407m)
20. Napoli (€388)

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