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Why Are Inter Haggling Over Small Change For Candreva?

new-inter-badgeThis is the part that really frustrates me over transfers. When clubs act small and try and save what is a relatively small amount of money so they can say they got the better of the deal. Just leave the egos at the door and get the deal want.

This is exactly what Inter are trying to do with Lazio over winger Antonio Candreva and if they are not careful they will lose him. Everyone knows that Lazio want ‹25 million for the winger. We have all known that for weeks.

Lazio president Claudio Lotito met with Candreva’s agent Federico Pastorello this past week and was told quite clearly that they would not accept anything below €25 million,

So what does Inter do? It submits a second bid on Friday of €20m plus a further €2m in bonuses which was summarily rejected once again. No kidding. If Inter want to Candreva, then meet Lazio’s valuation of him.

Inter’s revenues are around €165-170 million a year. We are talking a difference of €5 million here. Act like the big club that you are and get the deal done.