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Inter Have Fifth Best Squad In Italy

The CIES Football Observatory has published the average transfer value of players at teams in the top five divisions across Europe (England, Spain, France, Italy and Germany) and it has come out with some very interesting findings.

According to the report, Inter have the fifth most valuable squad in Italy, and the 20th most valuable in Europe, with an average transfer value of £15m.

Inter trail Juventus (£27m), Napoli (£25.8m), Roma (£22.8m) and AC Milan (£15.8m) in average player value.

Showing how well they have played all season, Lazio did not break into the top 20 most valuable squads in Europe. Lazio instead come in 23rd with an average value of £14.2m.

Leading the list are new Premier League champions Manchester City, who are ranked far ahead of Barcelona and Tottenham, who come in second and third respectively.

City’s average transfer value is an astonishing £55.4m, while La Liga giants Barcelona come in at £48.8m and Premier League rivals Tottenham at £45.2m.

The Premier League’s economic power, performance levels, long-term contract duration and youthfulness are the key criteria in explaining the Manchester outfit’s dominant position.


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