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Inter Offer Conte 9m A Year – Bad Move

Inter are in the middle of as desperate race for a top four position, but that has not stopped Beppe Marotta or Suning from potentially destabilizing that Champions League race by looking to fire Luciano Spalletti and replacing him with former Juventus boss Antonio Conte.

I am not the biggest Spalletti fan, but Inter insiders continue to make life difficult for the Inter boss by this consistent leaking to the press.

The latest is that Inter have had an agreement in place with Antonio Conte, that will pay the former Chelsea boss €9m a year plus bonuses.

La Repubblica is reporting that Inter will allow Conte to bring in the backroom staff of his choice. This is all contingent on Inter qualifying for the Champions League next season. The prize money from qualification would theoretically cover the cost of signing Conte and firing Spalletti.

According to reports in England and Italy, Conte wants to sell Mauro Icardi this summer and replace him with Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku. A move that is a step backwards for Inter. Icardi is a much more clinical striker than Lukaku and the first touch of the Belgian striker is something you have to see to believe. And that is not a compliment.

Beppe Marotta was one of the architects of the Juventus dynasty, so I can understand why Suning like him. But Antonio Conte is just not the right man for Inter.

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