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Inter Have The Second Highest Wage Bill In Serie A

serie-a-wagesLa Gazzetta dello Sport have published their calculated list of Serie A salaries and budgets for the 20 teams in Italy’s top flight, with Juventus unsurprisingly top of the list with a wage bill of €145m.

What is stunning to me is that Inter have the second highest wage bill at €120m. And that is before the new contracts come into effect. How are Inter’s wages so much higher than Roma, who come in third at €92m and  Napoli who are fifth at €75m?

According to Gazzetta, the title of highest paid player in Serie A has changed as that mantle now belongs to Juventus striker Gonzalo Higuain who earns €7.5m-per-season net. Former leader, Roma midfielder Daniele De Rossi, is in second place earning €6.5m-a-year. To put those combined €14m-a-year wages into context, the entire wage bill for Crotone this season is €14m!

Here’s the full list of the combined salaries of all 20 Serie A clubs:

  • Juventus: 145 million
  • Inter: 120
  • Roma: 92
  • Milan: 80
  • Napoli: 75
  • Lazio: 55
  • Fiorentina: 44
  • Sampdoria: 35
  • Bologna: 34
  • Torino: 32
  • Genoa: 30
  • Sassuolo: 28
  • Udinese: 28
  • Atalanta: 24
  • Cagliari: 21
  • Palermo: 20
  • Chievo: 18
  • Pescara: 16,5
  • Empoli: 15,5
  • Crotone: 14