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Suning Gives Finger To Uefa As Inter Sign Joao Mario

Joao MarioWe have wondered what sort of owners would Suning be. Would they be reactive and cautious like Thohir? Or would they aggressively try to grow the club like the ownership groups at Manchester City and PSG did?

This weekend we got our answer as Inter spent €72m to sign Portuguese midfielder Joao Mario (confirmed by Sporting) and Brazilian striker Gabriel Barbosa (waiting for official confirmation) this weekend for a combined €72m.

According to Uefa, Inter are under Financial Fair Play restrictions that is supposed to limit how much Inter can spend in the summer transfer window. Suning don’t care. Add in earlier signing of Antonio Candreva from Lazio for €22m and Inter’s summer transfer spend is close to €100m. Financial Fair Play limitations be dammed.

So what might Uefa do about Inter’s spending? They could fine us, but with Suning’s deep pockets that is meaningless. They could stop Mario, Gabigol and Candreva from playing the Europa League this season, which is not a problem as that just means that all three stars will be rested for the league games.

Inter’s goal this season is not to win the Europa League. It is a top three finish. That is something that Uefa’s FFP restrictions cannot impact.

The moves by Suning totally changes the Champions League race. Yes Juventus will walk they league, but Napoli and Roma both lost their stars this summer and are arguably weaker than they were last season.

Inter on the other hand have been able to hold onto their best players and have added Ansladi, Banega, Mario, Gabigol and Candreva to a side that finished fourth last season.

If I lived in Roma or Naples I would be be very worried at what Suning and Inter have done this summer and what that means for Italian football going forward.

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