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Inter Top Serie A Attendance Table

inter-milan-fansDespite a disappointing second half to the season, Inter still managed to average the biggest crowds in Serie A this season.

This past season the Nerazzurri averaged 45,538 fans for each home match at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. That 22.2% increase over last season translates into an extra 8,268 per games,

Most teams did not fair as well as Inter as there was only a slight increase in attendance in Italy’s top flight this season, with an average gate of 22,078 compared to 22,057 last year. There is a worrying trend in Serie A figures though, as the last two seasons have produced the worst average attendance figures in the last six seasons.

Second on the list are Juventus with an average gate of 38,628, while Napoli rounded off the top three averaging 37,777, an increase of 17.1% compared to 2014/15.

Despite another horrific season, AC Milan saw its attendance grow by 2.7% to 37,655 while Roma’s saw a 12.3% drop to 35,182, despite another to three finish.

The biggest drop however is in the capital, with Lazio recording an average attendance of just 20,465 which is an enormous drop of 41.4% on 2014-15. Torino on the other hand, have seen crowds rise to an average of 19,392; an increase of 16.2%

Top Five Serie A Attendance Numbers 2015/16

  1. Inter Milan – 45,538
  2. Juventus – 38,628
  3. Napoli – 37,777
  4. AC Milan – 37,655
  5. AS Roma – 35,182
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