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Inter Ultras: ‘We Are Finished With Icardi’

Inter ultras released another statement warning they are “finished” with Mauro Icardi, but also that they won’t give him the satisfaction of insults.

The striker made his comeback in the 4-0 win away to Genoa on Wednesday, scoring a goal and providing an assist, but was jeered by the travelling fans.

Sunday against Atalanta will be the first time Icardi has played at San Siro since he was stripped of the captaincy on February 13, the event that sparked his ‘injury’ and negotiations via a lawyer to get back into the team.

“Awaiting tomorrow’s important game, we reiterate the position of the Curva Nord,” read a statement from the main ultras group.

“We are not ones to dictate what other fans at San Siro ought to do. We are not interested in making lists of who is better or more of an Inter fan.

“We will not take steps back on Icardi. He cannot be the future of Inter. Refusing to wear the jersey on more than one occasion with ridiculous excuses, he dug his own grave.

“If the employees of Inter were too wavering in their behaviour, that cannot be our problem. The basic issue remains. Let’s leave the fairy-tales to issues of internal survival in a split that, at this stage, looks to be irreparable.

“As far as we are concerned, the time of ‘I’d like to, but I can’t’ is over. We manifested our views at the Pinetina training ground and during the Genoa game. We’ll continue to express it during the matches with the methods we consider most opportune.

“Having said that, we are fans. We go to the stadium to cheer on Inter, to lead it to victory. Not to give more importance than is necessary to a figure who we, evidently with foresight, had finished with a long time ago.

“No, do not ‘fear,’ Icardi will be ‘considered’… as much as is right. Perhaps those who expect 90 minutes of chants against him will be disappointed… but let’s not confuse what is best for Inter with hypocrisy.”

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