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Inter Up To 15th In Latest Deloitte Money League Report

Inter have moved up four places in the latest Deloitte Money League report, to 15th place, with €262.1m in revenue. That is an increase of €82.9m or 46.3% over last season.

The huge increase in revenue by Inter came mainly via a jump in commercial revenue, an area that Suning has worked hard to improve since taking over the club.

Matchday Revenue
Despite leading Serie A in average attendance once again, Inter’s matchday revenue at the aging Giuseppe Meazza continues to be a fraction of what the top teams in Europe take in. Juventus for example had matchday revenues of €58m last season, more than double Inter’s revenue of €28m.

Broadcast Revenue
No European football in really impacting Inter when it comes to broadcast revenue. Last season, Inter took in €104m from TV and radio, compared to Juventus (€234m) and Napoli (€147m) who both played in Europe.

That is why finishing in the top four is so important to Inter this season as it could be worth at least an additional €50m revenue next season.

Commercial Revenue
The area where Suning has had the greatest impact since taking over the club in 2016 is in the growth of commercial revenue.

Last season Suning was able to double the club’s commercial revenue from €55m to €130m through new sponsorship deals. Commercial revenue now accounts for 50% of Inter’s total revenue today.

That is a massive increase in just 12 moths, and allowed Inter to overtake Juventus (€114m) in commercial revenue.

To put that into perspective. Despite Juventus winning the Scudetto and reaching the Champions League final, Inter still took in more revenue from sponsors than they did!

This is a really good report from Inter’s perspective. Uefa’s Financial Fair Play restrictions are in our back window and the growth in revenue should translate into a bigger transfer budget and the signing of a better quality of player.

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