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Inter’s Wage Bill

Gazzetta dello Sport have released the wages of all the players in Serie A and it does not make for pleasant reading for Inter fans.

While Milan have used their Chinese investment to make the biggest jump in terms of wages paid out (€37m), Suning have slashed costs at Inter, cutting the wage bill from €120m to €82m. Juventus’s wage bill is now exactly double that of Inter’s.

Serie A Wage Bill (Team)

  • Juventus – €164m per year
  • Milan – €117m
  • Roma – €91m
  • Inter – €82m
  • Napoli – €81m
  • Lazio – €62m

As far as Inter’s wages go, Icardi is the highest paid at €4.5m, followed by Miranda and Perisic at €3m and Jovetic at €3.5m. Keep in mind that these figures are net, after taxes.

Inter seems to have adopted the Arsenal model of paying players, where the majority of the team gets paid a similar amount, instead of paying the best players more and the less talented players less.

As a result, Inter have more players earning between €2-3m a year (9) than Napoli (5) or Roma (6)

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