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Is Candreva Inter’s Missing Trequartista?

It is clear that Luciano Spalletti wants a creative attacking player during this transfer window. After Inter’s first defeat of the season against Udinese a fortnight ago, the Inter boss said:

“We probably need something to help us take that extra little step.”

Top of Spalletti’s wish list is Paris Saint-Germain’s Javier Pastore, but Inter cannot afford him. The same problem exists with Manchester United playmaker Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

Faced with the possibility that he will not get a new playmaker in January, Spalletti is now looking at his existing squad to figure out if he has a Trequartista there.

Since the start of the season, Spalletti has stuck with a formation that has Antonio Candreva wide right, Perisic wide left and Icardi down the middle.

But according to Sky Sports, Spalletti is thinking of playing Candreva just behind Icardi in the position as a playmaker.

Giving Candreva’s inability to consistently cross the ball, moving him inside could be beneficial, especially if someone like Joao Cancelo can move to the right wing position.

While Joao Cancelo is a better crosser than Candreva, he is foremost a defender, not an attacker, so how will Spalletti compensate for the goals he will lose out on from that right wing position?

At the moment this is purely academic as Spalletti cannot make this change until Danilo D’Ambrosio returns from injury, which is likely to happen after the winter break.

But what do you think of moving Antonio Candreva inside into the Trequartista role?

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