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Mancini Praises Inter Fans

robymancio2Hundreds of Inter fans showed up at the unveiling of the new kit for next season, a passion and commitment by the supporters that did not go unnoticed by coach Roberto Mancini.

“It is nothing new that the fans have turned out,” Mancini addressed the crowd.

“We have the fanbase of a Champions League team, which proved last year to be the most numerous.

“The Inter fans are the ones who watch more games than any other, and we play for them. Thanks for always being so close to the team and being here for the season ahead.”

A large portion of the squad were present at the event, and with an upcoming tour to the United States for the International Champions Cup, the Italian is keen to get his full squad together.

“It always happens this way, but little by little we all get together and start working quickly,” Mancini noted.

Inter were the best supported team in Serie A last season with an average home attendance of 45,000. No Serie A team came near the Nerazzurri in terms of attendance.