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Mancini’s Son Says Thohir And Suning Don’t Have Passion For Inter

mancini-morattiWhile Roberto Mancini took the high road with his dismissal as Inter boss, his son Filippo Mancini has taken a different approach, launching a attack on the Nerazzurri ownership

“My father always did his best for Inter. He loves this team, otherwise he would not have returned [for his second spell],” Filippo told fan website fcinter1908.it.

“I was used to a different type of football, under various presidents who cared more than anything about their own club. After the arrival of [current Inter president Erick] Thohir and then the Chinese owners, things changed.

“These people are more used to doing business rather than worrying about footballing matters, and I had a feeling that they didn’t properly understand the nature of Inter, a club which until recently had global power comparable to no-one.”

Mancini junior went on to say that his father had not taken his sacking well.

“My dad is hurting. He had nobody who he could talk to, or someone who could tell him what the situation really was.

“At the moment the Nerazzurri hierarchy is not strong, or one that supports its team day and night. [The team] is not its priority, it seems like they are treating [Inter] like a plaything.”

Under Massimo Moratti, Inter was a passion. It was never about whether a decision was the right one financially. It was whether the decision was the best one for the club.

As we are seeing at Inter and elsewhere across Europe, that is no longer the case. With Thohir and apparently Suning, the decision always has to make sense financially and clubs lose a little bit of their soul when they are run by accountants and not fans.

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