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Marotta: Conte Must Be Patient

Inter Manager Antonio Conte

Inter general manager Beppe Marotta says that while he ‘understands’ the difficulties faced by Antonio Conte, he must be ‘patient’.

Patience is not a trait usually associated with Conte and the Inter boss has been in mid-season form, complaining that he does not have any recognized strikers at his disposal, with Lautaro Martinez resting after Argentina’s Copa America campaign and deals for Romelu Lukaku and Edin Dzeko still not done.

Conte nicely ignores that he has Icardi sitting at home in Italy and not with the team on tour, but why let facts get in the way of a Conte rant.

“One striker will be an expert, the other will be a younger player with potential,” Marotta told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I won’t go into names, it’s not appropriate. But I repeat: our task is to build a strong team, looking for the best players possible. Much of our work has already been done.

“We understand the difficulties he’s been faced with. Not having strikers limits him a great deal and forces him to work harder.

“However, the market is longer this summer and hasn’t yet come to life. We must be patient.”

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