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Marotta Doubles Down On Icardi Not Wanted

On back-to-back days now, Beppe Marotta has made it clear that Mauro Icardi is not part of Inter’s first-team plans for the coming season.

On Tuesday Marotta reacted angrily to the remarks of Nara said on Mediaset show Tiki-Taka that Icardi ‘doesn’t believe it’s over at Inter’ and that ‘there were offers that nobody in the world would’ve turned down, but he said no for Inter.’

‘We greeted Wanda Nara’s comments with a pinch of irritation, both for the timing and the method.

‘I can also categorically deny that someone at the club told Icardi to stay at Inter, especially not president Steven Zhang.

‘The strategy Inter have taken is precise and we communicated it clearly in the right time frame.

‘We’ll continue like this to the end and nobody at Inter can change this common approach that is shared by everyone.’

The Inter chief followed that up by dragging Mauro Icardi into a meeting with club president Steven Zhang where they reiterated once more inform that the striker that he had no future at the club.

“Everything’s fine,” Beppe told Sky Sport Italia.

“Our position remains the same.”

Inter are desperate for Icardi to leave. Will he take the hint and leave this weekend?

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