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Massimo Moratti Dreaming Of Another Scudetto

Former Inter President Massimo Moratti believes “it’s not utopian” to dream of the Scudetto.

The Nerazzurri are still unbeaten in Serie A, and after beating Atalanta 2-0 at the weekend, they are in second place, two points behind Napoli.

“The Scudetto? It’s not utopian,” Moratti told reporters outside the Sport Movies and TV event.

“For good luck it’s better not to talk about it though, because Inter are playing seriously, this is a solid team that is taking points by merit.

“We can think about the Scudetto, but we started with the aim of getting into the Champions League so let’s stick to that for now.

“I’m surprised by Juve’s results, they’re very solid but I didn’t expect these negative results. I’m not surprised by Inter, because as a football fan I’m a dreamer first.”

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