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Mazzarri Post Match Reaction: ‘Inter needed shaking up at half-time’

Walter Mazzarri reveals he “shook Inter up” at half-time and waited for Milan to slow down before winning the Derby.

It was the tactician’s first Derby della Madonnina and also the first victory since Erick Thohir became President.

“I smiled at the goal, but immediately regretted it as lately we have been conceding as soon as we’ve gone in front and thrown away far too many points,” the Coach told Sky Sport Italia.

“We risked it again tonight and the way we played the second half it would’ve been a real shame. There was a penalty on Rodrigo Palacio? At this stage we don’t even think about receiving penalties…

“The absence of Ricky Alvarez made a big difference and Milan kept us under ferocious pressure, so we were afraid and psychologically blocked. We needed something to shake us up. We did that in the locker room at half time and then played the way I wanted us to.

“The goal seemed cursed again today, as we kept going close and missing the finish or the final pass, but we got there in the end.

“Unfortunately we have thrown away too many victories and therefore have four or five points less than we deserve, but looking at how we began and the project then we can’t help but be satisfied.

“A team under construction will feel the shadows of the past during difficult moments. Remember in the last four rounds we earned only three draws and were unjustly beaten at Napoli.

“We conceded too many counter-attacks, so with Alvarez missing I thought it best to give a sense of security with a more solid midfield. We knew Milan couldn’t keep that pressing up and would inevitably run out of steam.

“Mateo Kovacic came on and put in a great performance, as we already saw a different player today who has matured and made the difference.

“Zdravko Kuzmanovic also did well, as did Mauro Icardi, so the substitutions went well for me. We took too long to break through and it felt like we’d have yet another draw, but at last we found the goal.”

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