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Mercato: Modric Rumors Will Not Go Away

Mercato Inter Milan

The summer transfer window has been closed only a couple of weeks, and people are already starting to turn their attention to the winter Mercato. Where a familiar face will be waiting for Piero Ausilio.

The rumors of Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric moving to Inter have not waned, and if anything they have picked up some momentum during the international break.

According to Sport Mediaset, the 33-year-old Ballon d’Or candidate does not want to wait until next summer to move to Inter. He wants to move in January.

That could be problematic for Inter as Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez has already publicly criticized Inter for a patented Ausilio offer for the midfielder in August. A one year loan with cash in 2019.

If Perez was to let Modric go in January, and I think that is highly unlikely, Inter would have to come up with actual cash. Probably in the €50-60m region.

With Financial Fair Play, that will be a challenge to Inter, and would require the club so sell one of its stars in order to balance out the deal.

I think it is extremely unlikely that Madrid will let Modric leave in January, but the face that this story id still alive, gives me hope.

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