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Mercato: Modric Transfer Saga Takes A New Twist

Mercato Inter Milan

When I wrote earlier today that little Real Madrid were reportedly considering reporting Inter to the footballing authorities for tapping up Luka Modrić, I never thought the third best team in Spain last season would actually follow through with their threat.

But a spokesman for FIFA has confirmed that the European champions have reported Inter over an alleged approach to the player without their consent.

As of that was not enough, Madrid used its power to have La Liga president Javier Tebas compare Suning to PSG’s Qatar Sports Authority in a newspaper article.

“We have to put into question what’s happening”, Tebas wrote.

“La Liga are losing their stars, there are things that should not happen. I am talking about Psg and Juventus that signed Cristiano Ronaldo. And what about Inter? They have no money to sign Modric but, somehow, they had a chance to spend lot of money to sign him.”

“I have no certainties about Juventus, let’s see how the deal will be explained. I’m sure however that Inter wanted to do some kind of tricks to sign Modric. The same happened with Psg and Neymar. Clubs like Psg and Man City destabilize the transfers and Spanish fans must be aware of it.”

All this is done by Perez and Madrid to divert attention from their dreadful preseason where they lost the most succeessful manager in world football, the current Ballon s’Or winner, destroyed Spain’s dreams at the World Cup and the best player at the World Cup wants to leave.

No wonder they want to divert attention away from what is going on at the Bernabéu.

This is one of Suning’s first big tests as Inter owners and they are not cowering from the Madrid accusations.

Instead Suning have responded by saying that they never did anything wrong and claim that they never had direct contact with the player, nor did they open any negotiation directly with Modric.

A clear indication from Suning that they will not be pushed around by anyone.

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