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On This Day: Milito and Motta Presented

On this day in 2009, new signings Diego Milito and Thiago Motta were presented to the media. Not bad signings were they? This is how we covered the story back then.

The Nerazzurri new signings Diego Alberto Milito and Thiago Motta are presented to the fans and the press this afternoon, the sports center “Angelo Moratti”.

What are your first impressions? What you asked José Mourinho in these first hours of work?

Diego Milito: “I am very happy to be arrived in a huge company such as Inter. We were very well received, both the coach and his staff that our comrades and the whole club. We’re happy. We talked to the mister, and we gave the welcome on his part and the whole team. From now learn his way of working, we still have to adapt, but it is certainly a beautiful way to train. We hope to give many results. ”

Thiago Motta: “I am very happy. Diego has said, the coach made us work in these two days and now is up to us to learn and get used to the new working method. I want to thank all of society and I hope to do well from here forward.”

What is the main difference that you have met in the way of working of José Mourinho than before?

Diego Milito: “For us it is a new way to train. It works with both the ball and at the same time, you work so much physically. In simple terms, it is as if scendessimo in the field for official matches. Two days, however, have little time to fully understand this method and can adapt to perfection, but to me I liked so much. It is a different way than that adopted in Genoa, but very beautiful. ”

Thiago Motta: “I agree with Diego. It’s very beautiful work in this way is different to that which followed last year. In Genoa we worked very well, we worked a lot with our coach who was great. Now we work in different ways, but the goal is always one: prepare in the best way to find and be ready at the beginning of the championship. It is true you are working a little more with the ball and from a physical point of view, the coach asks of us always keep the ball possession in a way that Gasperini. But if there is something that changes, we must get used to. Even football is like this: everyone must prepare for the next objective. ”

Milito, who are the best players, the Brazilians or the Argentinians?
“(Ndr.: smiles) This is not to say who is the best. We are in an important group, made up of great champions who have won so much and we have accepted very well. We are very happy to stay with them to continue to win and achieve more important goals ”

Milito, as we live this sort of rivalry between the Argentine and Brazilian Who is stronger? “There is no rivalry. There is no stronger because we are all here to work in the same direction and try to achieve important objectives.”

Thiago Motta, you’ve got to talk to your fellow countrymen Julio Cesar and Maicon?
“No, not yet.”

The Inter gains the national Milito was enough for the Genoa. Thiago Motta, also points you to wear the shirt of Seleçao?
“It’s hard, I have always been available, but have never been summoned. If you happen one day I would be very happy.”

How you imagine the tactical deployment of Inter?
Thiago Motta : “I have always played in midfield, but this is a question that should be made to the mister. We are here to help the team and try to do it 100%.”

Diego Milito : “I’ve always been a striker. I will available to the mister, he will be to assess what will be the ideal location in which side.”

Milito, as it was difficult to leave Genoa, a team and a city that gave you so much?

“As I always said, in Genoa, I left my house. I have to thank the many cities, the company tifoisi and those who have always made me feel at home. So I have only words of thanks for them. There I left part of my life I was fine. I wish all the good possible both to society and to my old comrades and defined. which I Thiago Whether we were really very good at Genoa. “

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