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Milito: “I’d Have Picked Leonardo”

Inter-v-Chievo-Diego-MilitoGood interview with Diego Milito in La Repubblica in which he spoke about who he would have chosen as new Inter coach, Frank de Boer and other topics:

When asked who he’d bring in he said:

“Leonardo. I’ve known him, he had the qualities to manage the dressing room and also relations with the leadership at such a delicate time.

“I have faith in people like Javier Zanetti and Piero Ausilio, they are familiar with the club and represent the true values of Inter.

“It is true that a figure like Moratti is hard to replace. His is a story of love for the club, when we talk about Moratti, we talk about Inter.”

He then reflected on Frank de Boer’s short stint in charge:

“De Boer? He’s a very good Coach, as was Mancini. Unfortunately he did not get immediate results and when there are no results, the first to pay is always the Coach.

“But Inter have great players. The fact is that every cycle needs time.”

He drew parallels between Inter and Racing Club, whom he started and finished his career with but couldn’t do the same with the treble winning side of 2009/10 and current day Inter:

“Inter will rise again, it’s just a matter of time. In this way Inter and Racing Club are similar, their fans are passionate, and they know what it is to suffer.

“Making comparisons with the past is not nice nor fair. Each group has its own legacy and ours was great but to get where we were took patience. Time and patience.”

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