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Milito Sees Bright Future Ahead For Inter

In the build-up to today’s International Champions Cup clash with Bayern Munich, Diego Milito, a man whose name will forever remain inextricably linked to this fixture, spoke to Mediaset Premium about that meeting seven years ago…

“It was an unforgettable match for me and all the fans.

“Whenever there’s a game against Bayern, the memories come flooding back. It was a fantastic match. It’s never easy to score two goals in a final so it will always be remembered as a special occasion.

“We were utterly determined to win a competition Inter hadn’t won for a long time and we managed to pull it off.”
The former Argentina striker also shared his views on the current Nerazzurri crop, Suning and Luciano Spalletti.

“Inter just need to be a bit patient and to believe. This is an important year for us – it has to be.

“Icardi has to keep on the way he’s going, stay focused on his football and carry on doing what he does best.

“My only advice for the team would be to stick together – team unity is key to success.”

“I’ve been impressed by Suning because they’re a very powerful group. I’m sure they can do great things for Inter.

“Spalletti is an excellent coach and he’s been really welcoming to me over the last few days. I wish him all the best.”

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